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Contract Research

Maintaining integrity and confidentiality, while adding great value to your business is the promise we give to our clients. We deliver efficient and cost effective medicinal chemistry services to clients all over the world. TC Scientific provides world class chemistry services to its clients as part of a portfolio of high quality, cost-effective, and proven drug discovery and development capabilities.

Our drug discovery contract research services include:

  • Lead generation and focused library synthesis
  • Lead optimization
  • Candidate synthesis route scouting and scale-up
  • Analyzing and interpreting biological data and structure-activity relationships (SAR)

Our Missions

At TC Scientific our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by providing impeccable services, meeting the aggressive timelines, while continually focusing on their specific needs. more...

Why TC Scientific?

  • High quality services at very reasonable prices
  • Stringent intellectual property protection and confidentiality measurement
  • Fully documented experiment and analysis reports
  • Responsiveness and flexibility to changes in research direction
  • Full-time highly skilled, enthusiastic and motivated PhD organic/medicinal chemists devoted to your research project
  • Proven track record in collaborating with international biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Quality Policy

TC Scientific is dedicated to conducting exceptional research. We believe that quality is a basic principle and that the quality of our research and products is considered critical for the growth of the company. We involve our employees, at all levels of the organization, in quality commitments.